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What You Should Include In A Coming Soon Page?

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If you are just getting started with a website, we recommend you to set up a Coming Soon Page. Simply a Coming Soon Page is created to inform your visitors when the website up. Coming Soon Page is also known as Under Construction Page.

You can create Coming Soon Pages with a lot of methods. If you have enough knowledge about HTML and CSS, you can create simple Coming Soon Pages by yourself. If you are looking to create a powerful Coming Soon Pages with more advanced features, you can try plugins like Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Pages for WordPress from Web Factory Ltd.

If you created the Coming Soon Pages with HTML and CSS manually or created with WordPress Plugins, you should really care about something that helps you to get more business. What you should include in a Coming Soon Page? Here we go.

  1. You Should Include Information About Launching Date

A Coming Soon Page should include information about the launching date. The best way to add launching information to your Coming Soon Page is with a Counter and the details what’s all about the business or service and what they can expect when the site is launched.

  1. You Should Add A Subscription Form

The first thing you should do is add a Subscription Form. A Subscription Form get your visitor subscribed it. It helps you to increase the chance of website revisit also a great chance to boost your subscriber number and business.

  1. You Should Add Social Media Following Option

Millions of users use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn to follow the latest news and information. A Coming Soon Page should include Social Media Following options. We recommend you to add Social Media Following options to your readers. This helps you to notify them about Website Launch and your special offers to them.

  1. Include Useful Contact Informations

If you are launching a service or shopping site, you should add a business email address, skype information, phone number and store locations. This helps your visitors really be reached easily. We recommend you to mark your location through Google Maps. 

  1. Beta Test Invitations

If you are creating an interactive site, you should invite your visitors as beta testers. Drop down a subscription form and make a call to participate them. This helps you to directly interact with users and gain their feedback.