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Nothing satisfies your romantic life best than a romance movie. These movies have a way of getting into our hearts and minds, letting us forget the anger, temper, and frustration for a while as we focus on a beautifully scripted love and trust. The beautiful scenes set us in a romantic mood and will ultimately affect how we perceive romance, trust, and fidelity.

Bollywood has soared high in their dramatic and comical love stories with DilwaleDulhania Le Jaayenge being among the list of the most romantic movies to be produced. These movies have accompanying soundtracks and background music that perfectly set the mood and make the film passionate and sensual. A blockbuster film with a light-hearted melody for a soundtrack will help shape viewers’ emotional response as it creates that flawless rhythm between the movie’s scenes and segments.

  1. A. Rajkumar is a film music director who has made watching online Telugu movies enjoyable. With an elegant touch in his compositions, the soundtracks help set the mood for the plot and an atmosphere for the scene. Rajkumar has composed soundtracks for several movies. His famous hits include DoliDoli, EnakkoruSnehidhi, and Andagathi.

Below are some of the movies this film music director has composed soundtracks for:


The romance-filled movie revolves around a guy who had just been released from jail after seven years of imprisonment. He had dreams of becoming a music star. His love interest hears his voice but does not see him, though she becomes his fan.

He tries to reveal himself, but it turns futile, and the lady ends up losing her sight. Taking responsibility, he devotes himself to attending to all her needs. His sick mother donates her eyes to his girlfriend before she dies, and he donates his kidney to raise money for the operation. Before the lady wakes up, he is arrested and taken to prison though they reunite years later.

Nine Premistha

The love story of this seemingly melancholic love story required the prowess of S. A. Rajkumar with his compositions. It features a young man whose aspiration is to one day get married. While on a bus ride going to take his promotion as a bank manager, he gets involved in an accident and loses his sight.

After three months of recovery, he goes home with his best friend, whose opposite female neighbor shows the blind man affection, offering him coffee and hot water. She, however, turns the blind guy down when he shows up with his parents to ask for her hand in marriage. Though they do not end up married, they vow to be together some way.


This twisted love story revolves around a petty thief and an heiress who works in her father’s house as a maidservant. Raja and his friend (the petty thieves) stole an idol from the temple and hid in a house where the maidservant decides to lock them up in the kitchen. Raja falls in love with the lady, but on their final day, Raja’s friend steals the lady’s diary.

Sometime later, the lady is thrown out of the house because of Raja, who ends up making her a music star out of guilt and adoration. He is also accused of theft and goes to prison, leaving his diary behind. He acknowledges all her success to him, and they reunite after some twists.

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