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Why Should You Use Safety Shoes?

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If there was only one piece of advice that you should take very seriously, properly equipping yourself with safety equipment and particularly safety shoes.

There are standards and classifications for comparing and choosing the right safety shoe, but we will take the time to come back to them in detail in a future article. Anti slip safety shoe (รองเท้า เชฟ กัน ลื่น which is the term in Thai) are not necessarily ugly and uncomfortable. It has been noticed that often in the minds of people, safety shoes are seen as a constraint because they are necessarily ugly and uncomfortable.

So, it’s true that we feel that for some models, the designer of the design team must undoubtedly be on vacation. But there are a lot of “designer” models that have nothing to envy to pairs of classic sneakers. When we talk about safety, “style” should not be taken into account, but studies have shown that one of the reasons for not wearing PPE (mask, glasses, gloves, helmets, shoes, etc.) is that it looks “a little ugly. ” So even for these people, given the choice of safety shoes, that should not be an excuse.

Design Safety Shoe

We have tested several models of shoes for the discomfort side, and we do not find them uncomfortable. The protective shell and anti-puncture sole can add stiffness to the shoe, but the everyday models are designed so that it is not unpleasant and does not cause injuries like blisters.

To tell you, it is very often that we wear our safety shoes outside the site: when we have to go to buy products or materials, for example, we keep them very often because we feel good inside. Once again, the comfortable side should not be a drag, and you can find a pair adapted to your morphology that will be pleasant to wear.

No Reason Not To Wear Safety Shoes

We have seen that safety shoes from safety shoes shop (จำหน่าย รองเท้า เซฟตี้ which is the term in Thai) provide absolute protection, essential on a construction site and that they can be excellent and comfortable. So why not wear it?