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What The Law Says About The Use of TFT Boosting

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Teamfight Tactics popularly called TFT is a top gamer’s innovation which is designed to add more beauty and fun in the multiplayer gaming world. It is merely a strategy-oriented arena made for a multiplayer gamer of up to 8 players, where each player can build an army, as they battle with each other.

What is TFT Boosting?

From the word boosting attached to Teamfight Tactics, one would already have an idea of what it means. TFT Boosting is a way players get to gain access to any ranked rewards in-game, as this allows them to get ahead of their fellow competitors. TFT boosting is carried out through acquiring high quality services called professional boosters. Players pay for these boosters in other to achieve the desired result. is a website where you can learn more on TFT boosting.

Is TFT Illegal?

There have been many misconceptions of the legality of TFT boosting, as many see it as cheating, and a means of allowing those who can purchase these boosters ride on the poor players who can’t, but may even be better players. Contrary to many beliefs and wishes, TFT is very legal, except in South Korea where anyone engaged in TFT boosting can face up to 2 years suspended prison time, as well as paying a fine of up to $18,000.

A reason for this is the fact that South Korea is a country with a lot of internet laws. A lot of these laws are focused around the online gaming community, as a result of its highly competitive society.

Outside South Korea, you can freely engage in TFT boosting, as there are many TFT boosting companies like are legally registered, and even get to pay taxes to the government, as well as expected to abide the law.