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Natural Pearls Vs Cultured – What You Need to Know?

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Planning to buy pearls? If ‘yes’ then you are on the right page. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail about different types of pearls and the kind of pearls you should choose. Pearls are generally divided into 2 categories and they are –

  • Cultured Pearls

These pearls are generally formed with the intervention of oyster farmers. These oyster farmers take help of different culturing techniques for creating these cultured pearls. These cultured pearls are of different types and they are fresh water pearls. Akoya pearls, South sea pearls and Tahitian pearls.

  • Natural Pearls

They are formed without any kind human intervention. In short, they are formed naturally inside an oyster’s shell without any kind of human intervention.

Pearls Price

The price of a pearl generally depends on various factors like –

  • Type of Pearl

The natural pearls will be generally very costly when compared to the cultured pearls. Besides, this is because of the low availability of natural pearls.  When we speak about cultured pearls the south sea pearls are the costlier ones. The price of pearls generally varies one type to the other.

  • Pearl Size

Pearls will be generally available for you in different sizes. One important thing that you should keep in mind here is that bigger the size of a pearl the more its price will be.

  • Pearl Luster

The natural pearls will have more lustrous shine. Hence, they are costlier than the cultured pearls. When we speak about the cultured pearls the Akoya and Tahitian pearls are famous for their lustrous shine.

  • Pearl Color

Pearls are available in different colors like black, golden, white and etc. These golden shade pearls will be generally costlier than the other color pearls.

  • Pearl Shape

The round shaped pearls will be generally costlier than the other ones.

  • Pearl Quality

The price of a pearl mainly depends on this factor. The better the quality of a pearl the more it’s price will be.

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