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Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Constantly Look Untouched

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Kitchens in Pinterest and Architectural Digest videos always look like they’re not being used. But we all know that’s impossible, unless those homes also have an auxiliary kitchen where all the dirty work is being done.

And since not all of us have the luxury of such a kitchen, we have no choice but to use and abuse what we’ve got. We can invest in an expensive marble or granite countertop for them, but at the end of the day, they’ll be covered in unsightly kitchenware, appliances, and other clutter.

But we can actually adopt some tricks to make our kitchens constantly look staged. That way, we can finally keep our counters clear, with only a few accessories in sight. See below for those amazing tricks.

  1. Invest in Built-in Appliances

Clearing your counters starts with getting rid of tabletop appliances. If you’re on a budget, simply build a compartment beneath the counters, and tuck the bulky appliances in there instead of buying built-ins.

Built-in dishwashers are also available. They may be pricier, but they can be more heavy-duty than your old, tabletop type. And if it suffers a problem, your area’s trusted dishwasher repair expert most likely fixes your brand of choice, too.

Fridges and freezers also come with built-in models, and though not really necessary, they can disguise as part of the cabinetry, giving your storage a seamless look.

  1. Build an Appliance Hutch

Toasters, electric kettles, mixers, and other smaller appliances can be hidden in a hutch. Either make the cover the same color as your cabinets, or go for a roll-up one, which can look more compact and modern.

  1. Dry Dishes in Your Sink

If you don’t use a dish dryer or dishwasher, just let your wet dishes dry on top of the sink. You may have to buy a new sink if this strategy cannot work for you at the moment. Choose a sink that has mini ledges inside so you can easily pop in a drying rack. The stacks of dishes and utensils may still be a little unsightly, but at least they’re more concealed now, and aren’t taking up counter space.

  1. Hang Everything You Can

Install a rod on your backsplash, and hang everything you use daily on the hooks, like cutting tools and cookware. You can also mount a slab of wood, metal, or plastic on the backsplash and other bare walls, so your spices can be stored over those. Fruit baskets can be hung, too; do it in a way you would to hanging planters. It’ll give your kitchen a modern farmhouse look!

  1. Hide Snacks in Cabinets

Cereals, pasta, and other colorful and quirky-shaped food may look appealing on display, but they still take up useful counter space. Therefore, install a pull-out cabinet on your counter to have them all hidden. Or, install an over-the-door organizer on your pantry so you can store more food.

  1. Build a Kitchen Island

If you lack a kitchen island, and budget allows you to build one, don’t skimp on it. It adds plenty of additional storage space, and the counter can be used for displaying accessories.

When you style or stage your kitchen, go easy on the decor, because the goal it is to still keep the counters clear. If your kitchen is rather spacious, you can keep two appliances (at most) in sight, and place a plant or flowers on the counter to draw the eye to it.

Islands also allow fruit baskets to be displayed on the counter. The colorful fruits can serve as decor, teeming with life and vibrancy.

Be sure to maintain a habit of keeping things organized, too. As a result, your kitchen will always look snapshot-ready, being Pinterest- and Architectural-Digest-worthy.