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TOEIC And Everything You Need To Know

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If you are going through this, it is because you have heard about the official TOEIC English certificate, but you do not know very well what it is, so understand this information to get an idea. In this post, we summarize the essential characteristics of the exam and why their differences make it one of the preferred certificates among the candidates:

What Does TOEIC Mean?

 It is an English assessment created by ETS – Educational Testing Services – a pioneer organization in the development of English exams worldwide.

How Is The TOEIC Exam?

The TOEIC exam is an evaluation divided into 2 parts, which makes it very flexible to the needs of each candidate. The advantages this provides are:

With the help of a Toeic tutor in “Chieng Mai” [เรียน TOEIC เชียงใหม่ which is the term in Thai] You can take the entire exam on the same day, or choose separate days. Perhaps for one of the parties, you need more preparation time, and you prefer to examine yourself at different times.

If in one of the parts you get a score below what you wanted, you can return to present only to that part without having to repeat the entire exam, and in addition, you will only have to pay the corresponding fees to that part.

 In some organizations that request an english certificate, it is sufficient to present the part of TOEIC Listening and Reading.

The exam parts are listening and reading and speaking and writing.

How Is Each Of The Parts Performed?

The part of the TOEIC Listening and Reading test is done in pencil and paper format and lasts for 120 minutes, in which you will answer 200 questions.

The part of the TOEIC Speaking and Writing test is done with a computer and headphones, where your answers will be automatically recorded for later correction. It lasts 80 minutes, where you must complete 19 questions. Although the exam is done with a computer, it is face-to-face (it is not online from your home), that is, it is done in an Examining Center, under rigorous security measures.

TOEIC is an exam with very rigorous and thorough development processes which needs a tutor like the IELTS tutor in “Chieng Mai” [เรียน IELTS เชียงใหม่ which is the term in Thai], which ensures a fair evaluation for the candidate. In addition, the results are corrected by up to 6 highly qualified professionals, which ensure highly reliable and valid results.