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Everything You Need To Know Before Starting Your English Course

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Perhaps it is not news to you that English is essential in the globalized world. What you may not know is that, despite the constant search for learning English on the part of the world, more than 90% still do not know the English language. This makes those who master the language stand out even more in the job market, the academic world, and other situations where English is necessary.

1) Calm And Discipline Are Required

Once you’ve taken the first step and decided to learn English and take up an English course (คอร์ส เรียน ภาษา อังกฤษ which is the term in Thai), you need to know that calm and discipline are required to learn the language. Take it easy to learn little by little, respect your own time and not get in the way of learning—discipline to keep the pace of studies, keeping in touch with the language daily.

2) Learning English Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Despite what many people believe, learning English doesn’t have to be difficult and tedious. On the contrary, learning English can be fun, dynamic, and natural. If not, maybe something isn’t right. That’s why it’s essential to look for a method that adapts to your routine, and that is pleasurable to you.

3) Don’t Limit Yourself To The Course

Before starting your learning, know that it is essential to keep in touch with the language that will not be limited to the classroom (whether online or physical). This contact can take place through speaking, listening, writing, or reading exercises.  You can also use series, movies, music, and many other resources to increase your contact with the language and make you get used to the language in a fun and versatile way.

4) And, For That, Bet On Immersion

Think of ways to try to insert English into your routine, even before starting your course. Because to learn English from scratch and achieve fluency in the language, it is necessary to practice immersion in the language, including English in the greatest number of activities in your daily life. Thus, learning occurs naturally, and your brain gets used daily to vocabulary, terms, and grammatical constructions.