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Are Custom Leather Holsters Better For Your Pistol?

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Holster construction requires skilled artisans and strong craftsmanship. The shoulder part of the cow is preferred because the skin of this part is much more uniform. After making the custom leather holster, it is soaked in water and some other wetting agents. After that, the holsters are filled with firearms.

It is pressed well and rubbed with oil so that the leather gets a proper shape according to the weapon. Lightweight leather is used for small holsters, but in the case of heavy holsters, you can find thick leather on the outside and thin leather on the inside. Leather terminology is a bit complex, so you can ask the professionals by looking at the labels on the holster.


Why are custom leather holsters the best choice for pistol users?

The website has many more leather materials besides holsters that are made of the same high-quality cowhide leather. If this is the first time you want to buy a custom leather holster from this website, buy another leather product and test its longevity.

If you use a good quality leather belt or shoe, you will understand why the demand for leather products is higher than other materials. Because of the natural organic material, leather becomes moisture resistant and standard traditional material for holsters.

  • If you use a handgun, the custom leather holsteris ideal for you, even if you can carry it in a public zone without any inconvenience.
  • The longer you use leather, the brighter it becomes and the more it comes in a certain shape each year. If you think of perpetual beauty, definitely purchase it.
  • Leather is much softer than nylon and synthetics and sticks tightly to the body. You will not have any skin irritations or other problems with high-quality leather. So, you can attach the holster to the direct open skin portion.
  • The prime advantage is that on this website, you can choose the color of your choice. Leather will give your pistol a high level of protection that is more durable than Kydex or nylon.
  • The designers cut the best part of the animal hide and make a hand dye to ensure a rich color. After that, they stitch the vulnerable part with 7 cord bonded nylon thread and mold by hand. They use high-quality burnish to make the edges glossy.



Holsters can be made by processing almost all animal skins, and even many famous companies make holsters with hard fish skin. However, the skins of 4 animals are mainly used to make leather holsters, such as cows, sheep, goats, and pigs. The quality of the leather depends on the condition in which the animal’s skin is being extracted.

Hide quality is dependent on the nutrition, health, and age of the animal. Even the scientific processes and tanning techniques are equally important. Kirkpatrick custom leather holster is durable, scratchproof, water-resistant, strong, and soft. When you go buying a well-made holster, the first thing to look for is what kind of animal leather it is and what its quality is.