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What are the top 3 facts about Digital signatures?

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Whenever you sign a document, you are doing one of the following things: Confirming the terms and conditions, approving the legality of the document, claiming document authorship and confirming that all the documents that you have provided are authentic and genuine. The physical signature provides authenticity to the document. The same thing is done by digital signature but it provides more added security.

How does the Digital signature work?

A fairly advanced kind of technology is used for digital signature. Once you put your signatures on an electronic document, a large number is generated which is known as the hash value. This unique number is basically the exceptional fingerprint of the document. This big number is set in with your documents. Once you provide this digital document to someone else, the number gets decoded with the help of a key which helps in accessing the contents of the documents. This portrays two basic things: Authentication of the digital signature online and confirmation that no alterations and changes have been made in the document.  Also you can put your signatures electronically to a third party but they need to provide you the signing function along with the document.

Top 3 facts that you should know before getting digital signatures:

Here mentioned are some of the important facts that you should know about digital signature:

  • There is a difference between digital signature and electronic signature– People often confuse these two terms. Digital signature is a subpart of electronic signature and the former is used for securing a document and the latter is used for verification of the document. Also the electronic signatures are not authorized by any certified authority but the digital signatures are certified. You cannot verify an electronic signature but you can verify it as far as digital signatures are concerned.
  • There is a legal recognition of Digital signatures– The Global and National Commerce Act which was passed in the year 2000 has made digital signatures universally acceptable. When the signatures are used properly on legal documents then it will be legally recognized and accepted just like the handwritten ones.
  • You need to have DSC to make digital signatures-You will need to have a digital certificate if you wish to get a digital signature online. These certificates are usually certified by a recognized certification authority. The CA is usually created by the big businesses. You will find a lot of reliable vendors making certificates. There are a lot of vendors who provide customized solutions to the clients on the basis of pay by transaction or on the basis of subscription.

If you have a small business and you wish to make documents with enhanced security, then you should adopt digital signature services to create the right solution for our needs. Also DSC can be obtained for an individual as well. You will find different options of including digital signature to your organization.