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What Are The Functions Of The Flight Attendant Profession?

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Do you dream of working aboard planes, traveling to different places? Boarding national and international flights, receiving and assisting passengers, in addition to contributing to the safety and smooth operation of flights? Then the profession of flight attendant could be for you! A universe of functions within this career goes far beyond smiling, greeting, and serving clients. Get to know the functions of flight attendants up close and immerse yourself in this profession within aviation! Check for flight attendant training (เรียนแอร์โฮสเตส which is the term in Thai)

Warm Reception

On each flight, the flight attendants’ function is to welcome all passengers when entering the aircraft. On domestic flights, communication is usually done in the local language. On international flights, English or foreign languages are usually the predominant languages ​​at reception.

Assist Passengers

Whether finding a seat or placing carry-on luggage in the trunk, flight attendants should always be on the lookout for passengers needing assistance. In-flight information is provided by the captain or flight attendants.

Ensure Safety On Board

Several of the activities that ensure the safety of everyone on board are performed by flight attendants, such as closing doors, putting them on automatic, checking the position of seats for takeoff, ensuring that passengers are wearing seat belts, requesting that passengers be seated in times of turbulence, etc.

In addition, the crew must also instruct and answer questions related to safety that passengers may have, such as regarding emergency exits, for example.

Offer Food And Drinks During The Flight.

Whether as a courtesy or by purchasing food and beverages, the flight attendants have to provide and serve passengers during the flight. For international flights, where there are usually more meals on board, the flight attendants must organize the food carts and cordially serve everyone on board the aircraft.

Guide Passengers In Emergencies

Even though they are pretty rare, emergencies do exist. Flight attendants are highly skilled in dealing with this type of scenario. During their training, flight attendants undergo simulations and training that teach them how to maintain flight safety in different types of adverse situations.

Always Be On The Alert

The flight attendant’s level of situational awareness should always be high. Especially on more turbulent flights or with restless passengers, it is necessary to have self-control and know how to deal with people in a clear, objective, and attentive manner, always to maintain the safety and well-being of everyone on board. Check for Toeic study (เรียน toeic which is the term in Thai)