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Tips on how you can choose the right cake for the festive season

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Are you planning to make this coming New Year a blissful one? Making your plans well ahead of time will save you from regret. And just as any other event or gathering, cakes are a norm as these sweet babies bring happiness and joy to everyone. Being highly expected, this calls on you as the host to make sure everything from the cake to the decor is flawless. You need to pick the right combinations and set the theme among a few things to make the event a moment to reckon. If you are hosting a party or just want to pitch in and help your dearest host a new year celebration party, it is essential that you know how to choose the ideal cake for the event. In this post, we share tips and tricks to choose the right cake for the festive season. Read on.

Choose Which Theme, Colors, and Flavours You’d Like

When it comes to making a cake, any idea is possible. But it is best that you keep in mind the cake theme, colours, and flavours when putting down your decision. You can choose colours that are close to or similar to your decor, and incorporate a design of a project you want to complete in the year 2021. And the following are some of the tricks you can make to help you choose the ideal cake.

  • Design and shape – the design and shape of a cake are the most important factors in making a cake. A cake tastes good just as beautiful it looks! There us an eye and tongue connection in food. You can incorporate different shapes such as square, round, heart, and even futuristic designs as well – if you can imagine it, it can be made.
  • Flavour – when you have narrowed down your cake design and shape you now need the perfect flavour that will satiate the taste buds with a welcoming scrumptious scent. If you have time, you can try some cake flavours before drawing the line on a specific option. Do try the all-time favourites such as red velvet, vanilla, chocolate, pineapple, kit kat, and butterscotch.
  • Size – One of the main blunders many people often make with a cake is choosing the wrong cake size. Yes, it may be sweet, but the cake slices are “mini-tiny”. Don’t make this mistake – check the number of your guests and adjust the cake size likewise.

If you are expecting to host:

5 to 10 guests you will need at least 1 kg cake

11 to 15 guests you will need at least a 2 kg cake

Note: Adjust the scales with more guests

If you are planning to bring the cake as a surprise to gift your loved ones on the New Year’s eve, you need to consider the ingredients to use. The cake may get damaged in transit if you go for a layered cake or use soft ingredients for the design like icing. You can put the final cake decorations and layer it at the venue.   

Online cake shops

You can save yourself from the stress of baking, designing and transporting a cake altogether by ordering your New Year’s cake online. Online cake shops such as Bakingo have creative and expert bakers to make your cake according to your preferences. And you can give them the address and exact time you want the cake delivered hassle-free. You can also order a few small cakes to help you choose the right cake flavours as well.