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Things You Must Know about Water Leak Repair

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Water leak repair can be needed at any time, but there are certain things you should always know.

Prevention Is Key

Doing what you can do to prevent water leaks will help with water leak repair costs. Wrap your pipes to maintain heat, especially exterior piping. You don’t want the water to freeze in your pipes and cause a leak. Take a look at any pipes that are visible in your house to know what is going on with them. This way, you can see if something is wrong before there are serious signs of water damage. Mechanical faucets don’t last forever and eventually they’re going to leak. At some point, the faucet will be old and new parts will be hard to get so it can be cheaper to just install a new faucet. One of the best ways to prevent a leak is to keep appliances in good working order and inspect them occasionally to make sure there aren’t any issues. The plumbing supply system poses the greatest risk of leaks, but most homeowners think it’s the water heater. Many homeowners also aren’t sure where the main water valve shut off is and don’t turn off the water before leaving for vacation. Simple steps can help prevent leaks.

Fix Water Leaks Immediately

It’s important to fix water leaks as soon as possible. Even something that started out as a small drip can cost you a lot of money. There can be wall damage from water leaks because your plumbing runs through the walls. A slight leak can moisten the drywall and destroy it completely. Water leaks don’t just cause damage to the walls, but also the floors. As gravity pulls any moisture down, leaks will start to get under the floors. The quicker you call a professional, the better chance you have at preserving as much flooring as possible. If water leaks aren’t handled promptly there is also the potential for mold. Mold can be dangerous and even the airborne threat can cause health issues. Water leaks also cause fixture damage. If not resolved quickly, you may need a fixture replacement, which can add more to your repair costs. Water leaks also waste water, which will raise your water bill.

Consider Leak Detection

It can be difficult to spot water leaks before there are real signs of damage. Even if you don’t use a professional for leak detection, try taking a look at some possible areas for leaks in your home, which include faucets and toilets. If you notice your water bill is higher than normal, it can also mean there is an undetected leak somewhere in your home. There are leak detection devices that can be installed in your home as well.