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The Benefits of iron front doors

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Investment in Your Home

Installing iron front doors in your home will do a lot to add value to your property. Wooden doors are prone to warping, discoloring, and chipping—all problems you can avoid with an iron door. Just having to replace and rehang a traditional wooden door once will already match the cost of an iron door. Beyond that, jus like with any upgrade to your property, installing iron doors adds value for years down the road. Your home is a lifetime investment and one you can even pass down the generations. Building securly now will keep the value high later.


Most commercial doors today are what is known as “hollow-core” doors. These doors are manufactured in large factories for very little cost, but they are also very fragile and low quality. Iron doors, on the other hand, are built to last and are often made in the US. Your bog standard hollow-core doors will wear with time and once the outer shell starts to breakdown, there’s nothing inside to keep it together. Iron doors are sturdy and can last through generations of wear and tear.

Timeless Appeal

Unlike our modern wooden doors, iron front doors have been around for hundreds of years. Their designs fit in classical homes just as well as the latest architectural styles. More importantly, iron doors can flexibly fit into just about any future aesthetic plans. Rather than having to replace doors whenever it’s time to redecorate, you can instead purchase one iron door that will fit in with any future style.

Versatile Design

Wooden doors are limited to a boxy and square-cut design. With iron front doors you are free to explore vast possibilities. Iron doors can be formal and traditional or flow freely with elegant designs. They can be round, square, or even pivot. These doors allow for much more freedom in their design and you can even work with some manufacturers for a custom piece. Breaking away from the limited, square design allows you to fit your door to your decorating plans, and not the other way around!


As mentioned earlier, wooden doors are frail. The hollow-core design of so many doors today can be kicked down without much effort by your average person. Even the rare solid-core door, that is a door made of a solid piece of wood, is still prone to stress fractures around the hinges and lock. An iron door, on the other hand, can withstand all kinds of abuse without giving in. Why worry about the security of your property with a flimsy wooden door when an iron door offers style and security.