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Small Company Servers – An Excuse For Change

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Many small companies do not have an IT department or anybody experienced enough to deal with even fundamental IT tasks like backup, system restoration, patching or updates. Generally, they depend on the local company partner (typically an IT consultant or local IT support company) to deal with these tasks.

Regrettably, many small company IT solutions currently available exacerbate the problem. Their complexity…

requires the requirement for more and more effective hardware

leads to frequent system crashes and downtime for upgrades

compounds security problems

necessitates frequent system restorations

boosts the purchase of resource to upgrade systems and connect problems

Whats needed is really a new generation of ‘small business servers’ that deliver all the essential IT & technology services for smaller sized companies but with no usual costs or hassle.

Challenges in supporting micro and small company customers

In which to stay business small companies need assistance with fundamental IT chores, that are increasingly mission critical than ever before because they grow additional time consuming to provide.

Just take a look at business continuity and disaster recovery in small companies. Research by Gartner discovered that just one third of small companies surveyed stated these were ready for a tragedy over the following 12 several weeks.

Quite simply sixty-six per cent of small companies aren’t ready for a tragedy or protected. The main reason, generally, is the fact that small companies not have the IT skills of methods to perform common tasks like copying critical data or developing a method to restore systems that crash or become broken whenever a pipe breaks or there’s a fireplace, ton or any other disaster.

Small companies likewise need help just copying and restoring files if somebody accidentally deletes them. Such deletions in small companies are very common.

Although everybody understands the requirement for data to become supported, what many don’t understand is when costly and hard it really is by using traditional solutions. Actually, the standard method of copying information is a period consuming and resource intensive task. The standard procedure requires tapes to become rotated, within the right order and brought off-site for secure storage.