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Refrigerator: Problems and maintenance tips

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Refrigerators are complex cooling machines. Yet, they are the best and mandatory, as they keep our food as fresh as required for most of the time. From frozen and packaged food to the fresh fruits and vegetables to the beverages that taste best when served chilled, refrigerator aids in keeping the food edible and the drinks potable.

Common problems faced with a refrigerator

Sometimes, one may encounter various problems in the maintenance of a refrigerator. Due to various internal malfunctioning, one may be disappointed to discover improper cooling, which then affects the food and beverages kept in the refrigerator. The incorrect operation can turn the food kept to nothing but waste. The common and frequent problems that occur in a refrigerator are cooling problem, incorrect wiring, defrost issue, drain blockage, door opening and closing issue, broken drain plate, etc. The occurrence of these problems can have different causes like defect in the MCB of the refrigerator, insufficient current, dirty coils of condenser, fault in any of the parts like motor , thermostat, and compressor, or not enough of coolant. Any of these causes can forbid the refrigerator to operate properly.

Solution to the problems

There are few problems that can be fixed in the home itself, but some are complicated to solve and even understand. Whatever be the problem with the refrigerator, one must not worry about it as long as refrigerator repair Los Angeles is serving, as it provides the best possible service to repair the malfunctioning, with the assurance that it won’t return anytime soon.

Tips given by experts to avoid these problems

Keeping the refrigerator clean is the foremost of them all. The cooling fan and the condenser coils sometimes get grease and dirt stuck over it which halts their proper functioning. They should be cleaned regularly. Also, avoid the coils from getting wet. In the case of defrosting issue, one must maintain the proper temperature of the refrigerator according to the requirement. The excessive cooling would promote more and more frost. Regular defrosting should be done as well by bringing the temperature of the refrigerator to lowest and letting the frost melt away.