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Points to Know Before You Tow

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Before you start pulling cars across the nation, there are several things you require to find out about hauling an automobile safely as well as lawfully, we have covered these below.

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  • The Maximum Allowable Tow Rope Size is 4.5 Meters

Make sure your tow rope is no more than 4.5 meters if you don’t intend to drop nasty of the law. The rope can be as brief as you like; however, it needs to be long enough to give the vehicle on tow enough time to quit and react.

If your tow rope is longer than 1.5 meters, you’ll require to attach a colored towel or high-vis sign to see to it shows up to various other chauffeurs.

  • Make Use of a Suitable Tow Vehicle

Some automobiles are better matched to lugging than others. As a rule of thumb, search for a tow auto that’s heavier than the one being drawn. Your automobile’s handbook will give you an idea of the optimum tow weight.

  • You Need to Display the “On Tow” Indication

The majority of tow ropes and bars are supplied with an “On Tow” sign, which requires to be presented on the back of the automobile being towed. This is a lawful need, and you could be challenged by the police if you’re caught towing without the indication.

  • The “On Tow” Motorist Have to be Fully-Qualified

No ifs or buts regarding it, broken-down cars and trucks on tow should be driven by a qualified vehicle driver.

  • Both Cars Have to Have Their Lights on When It’s Dark

Broken-down lorries on Slide car Rama 9 [รถสไลด์พระราม9, which is the term in Thai] are dealt with like any type of various other cars and truck in the eyes of the regulation, as well as therefore must have their lights on when it’s dark, or when the weather conditions murky. This makes sense as other chauffeurs still require to be able to see you.

Certainly, this can be a problem if the breakdown was caused by a dead or damaged battery, in which case you’ll require to call for an expert.