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International Shipments And What To Know

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Some shipping company allows you to send parcels to many destinations across the world at very attractive prices. The International parcel delivery rate [อัตราค่าส่งพัสดุไปต่างประเทศ which is the term in Thai] rely on the destination to which you want your goods to be delivered.

Deadlines For An Express International Shipment

Most parcel comparator will allow you to know the delays of sending your parcels to international countries. If you plan to send a parcel overseas, for example in Germany, the United Kingdom or Switzerland, your package can be shipped the next day.

Do you manage an online shop and your client wants you to send them an international package as soon as possible, by opting for international express delivery with a good shipping company [บริษัท shipping which is the term in Thai], you will not only be guaranteed that your parcel will be delivered as soon as possible and at very competitive rates but also, the follow-up of your shipment will be assured upon delivery. It’s a great way to provide additional support for your customers by simply giving them the tracking number of your packages.

For your international package, do not forget to:

Research country restrictions and regulations: This is the most important aspect when shipping packages internationally. You need to do your research on a countries particular restrictions. Example, you’re not permitted to send a pair of matching shoes to South Africa. That’s crazy, right? That is why you have to verify whatever you are sending to another country.

Research prohibited goods: When sending goods, be sure you are not sending prohibited goods. Not all type of item can be carried on every service and all countries have their restrictions. Make sure you check the list of prohibited goods and list of restricted goods too before sending your parcel.