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Install three phase inverter for running various equipments

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There are various heavy equipments like powering tool pump, AC, refrigerators, cold storage, etc. that require continuous power supply for running smoothly.  If your traditional generator is not able to provide enough electricity backup for running these appliances properly then you can also replace it with the three phase inverters.  For maintaining the charging of three phase inverter, you should also buy three phase inverter charger. With the help of inverters, you can also cut down the fuel cost because inverter only runs on partial load.

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Key features of three phase inverter –

Digital signal processing – three phase inverters are equipped with latest technology of digital signal processing and insulated gate bipolar transistor which is based on sine wave outputs. Sine wave output also ensures that your inverter is highly efficient.  Digital signal processing also helps you to protect your inverter from damage when you charge it with hybrid inverter charger.

Smart battery protection – for charging batteries of three phase inverter you should only use 3 phase inverter charger. In three phase inverter chargers, you can also monitor battery status so you can prevent the chances of any fault. If the battery is not connected properly then it also starts to give signals which helps you to connect batteries correctly.

Equipped with intelligent fault sense – if the voltage and power is cut frequently then it can also cause the damage to batteries or inverter internal components. But, three phase inverter charger is equipped with intelligent fault sense which is very beneficial for low high voltage cut off, battery over and under charge, over temperature, over load, and output short circuit.

Output voltage selection – you can also select the output voltage in your three phase inverter for running all applications.  You can select between 220V to 230V according to your requirement which is so beneficial for protecting form overload.