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Important Things to Do in an Uncontested Divorce in Toledo

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An uncontested divorce is an amicable and stress-free way of ending your marriage. This process starts when one party files a petition or summons for divorce with the court. Before you file an uncontested divorce in Toledo, you need to ensure you satisfy the residency requirements for your jurisdiction. You should be a resident in the state for at least a year to proceed with your divorce even if your spouse moves out of state. 

Many couples choose an uncontested divorce because it is cheaper and requires less time than a contested one. And a divorce attorney can review or draft a divorce agreement that you will take to a judge to ensure your rights are protected. They make sure the initial forms are completed properly, file the necessary forms with the court, and aid in serving your spouse with the summons. They will help you navigate through related issues such as child custody easily and economically and still complete an uncontested divorce. Keep reading to know what you can do in this type of divorce:

Handling Finances in an Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, you should seek advice from an investment expert or financial advisor. The professional can act as a mediator for both parties. A financial advisor and a divorce lawyer will work out the best possible outcome for you financially and keep you and your spouse calm during your financial negotiations. During a divorce, you and your spouse may let your emotions get the best of you, so it is best to have experts mediating the negotiation. 

Determining Assets and Debts Acquired Before Your Marriage

You must perform an audit of your finances to know what was acquired before and after your marriage. This will let you evaluate your personal property independently of your community property. Asset challenges are among the most complicated issues couples face after they split up. And a reliable attorney can help ensure you get what’s legally yours. 

Educating Yourself on Divorce

By educating yourself about how a divorce in Toledo works, you will understand the steps you must take if you choose to settle amicably. Also, you need to be realistic about your financial needs with an understanding of the laws of the state that mandate community property division. 

After your divorce, you need to plan your life as a single person and adjust your budget accordingly. While this may quire you to sell some possessions or reprioritize your spending, this can benefit you in the long run and save you lots of stress.