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How to play the Carribean Stud Poker

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When you decide to play online casino slots, you can as well decide that Carribean stud poker should be among your favorite games. Before you start on it, you need to know its rules which include:


  • As a player, you will have to make an ante wager together with an optional $1 progressive side bet. 
  • Each dealer and player get a stash of 5 cards. All cards are given out when they are face down, apart from one dealer card which is exposed. The player is at liberty to check his own cards but you should not share your information.
  • The player must raise or fold. 
  • If you fold, you forfeit your cards, side bet, and the ante bet
  • In case a player raises, they need to make a raise wager which is equal to two times the ante.
  • The deal will have to turn over their other four cards. 
  • The deal needs to have a king and an ace or higher in order to qualify. This means that the lowest hand to qualify would be a king, an ace, 2, 3, 4 and the highest non qualifying hand would be a queen, an ace, a jack, 10, 9. In case the dealer doesn’t qualify, the player will have to win money even on the ante wager and the raise will have to push. 
  • In case the dealer qualifies and is able to beat the player, both raise and ante will have to lose.
  • If the dealer is able to qualify and lose to the player, then there will be a need for the ante to have to pay more money and the raise as per the posted table. 
  • In case the dealer and the player tie,  both raise and ante will push
  • The progressive side bet will be based entirely on the poker value of the hand of the player. There are various pay tables available. 


When it comes to Caribbean Stud optimal strategy is very complicated. The number of people who are aware of it might be zero. But two generalization which is able to cover both hands include:

  • Always raise with a pair or something higher
  • Always ensure to raise with less than a dealer’s hand, which is qualifying which could be an ace or a king.

The king/ace hands are the most tricky ones. That is why, it helps when the three singletons are high or the dealer’s card which is up is a jack or something less and matches the cards of one of the players.

It is good if you always raise a pair or something higher, fold with less than a king/ace and raise a king/ace if you find any of the following rules applying. 

  • You will have to raise if the card of the dealer is a 2 to a queen and matches the one that  you have
  • You will have to raise if the card of the dealer is a king or ace and you have a jack or queen in your hand.