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How to maximise entertainment with your broadband – get free OTT

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The internet has completely taken over our lives. We could argue over the pros and cons of it all day, but all of us can agree that it has affected us in multiple ways. Sometimes, in ways that no one could have imagined before. Just like everything else, the internet has also changed how we consume entertainment. The TV is now getting replaced by smartphones and tablets (unless you have a smart TV, of course), all thanks to the rise of OTT platforms. 

However, subscription to OTT platforms does not come cheap. Add to that, there are so many OTT platforms out there, and each of them has something unique to offer. Therefore, how do you maximise your entertainment, and not spend a fortune on multiple OTT platforms?

Getting a good broadband connection is the solution. With the right broadband service provider, all your work-from-home and entertainment needs will be met. In addition, you will also get free OTT benefits from your broadband connection. But you should not solely focus on getting a broadband connection with OTT benefits – there are plenty more that you should look for as well.

Here are some of the extra benefits that will help you maximise your entertainment with a good and reliable broadband connection:

Unlimited internet makes streaming easier

Once you get an internet connection that provides unlimited access to the web, things will take a turn. And, for the better. With unlimited internet, you can watch OTT on your devices with the highest possible resolution that your plan offers. You will not have to worry about exhausting your data at all.

Zero lagging 

Beaten down by an internet connection that always lags and buffers while you are streaming any OTT or YouTube? Not anymore, with the help of broadband. You can finally stream it all – movies, TV shows, documentaries, YouTube channels, live streams and more without having to worry. 

Check all the plans that you are getting

If you have a look at the current broadband companies in the market, you will inevitably come across a variety of plans. In addition, you will also see lucrative offers. However, when broadband is involved, we would always suggest that you get a connection from some of the most well-trusted brands in India. For example, Airtel has its very own broadband connection service and it is quite good. It offers features such as OTT benefits, Airtel Wi-Fi calling, free routers and more. 

Moreover, after zeroing in on one specific provider, look at all the plans that they offer. Obviously, you will see more features with the plans that are more expensive. Internet plans such as 1 GBPS are amazing, yes, but you will rarely need such an extremely powerful broadband connection for personal use or a small family of 3 to 4 people.

Thus, the next time you look for Wi-Fi near me, make sure you get the broadband plan that offers decent internet speed (100 MBPS is decent for personal use) and comes with plenty of OTT benefits too.