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How to Install a Swimming Pool Floor Mat?

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The groundsheet for your above-ground pool is an essential accessory to enjoy long hours of relaxation in a hot bath or with the family. It is just as important to know how to put it in place, in which case it will be useless since it will not be able to protect your pool as it should. This article will give you some tips on how to install your groundsheet properly and also place your pool mat properly.

  • Be Patient

If it is not easy to use your pool protector, it may be easy for you to get discouraged and put it back in its packaging not to touch it again. Most pool floor mats are easy to install. You will only need about 20 minutes if the mat is light and more if it is thicker.

  • Prepare the Ground

The ground should be prepared according to the size of the purchased pool. The area you plan to dedicate to installing your above-ground pool must first be completely leveled and cleared of all objects, such as stones and roots. Ideally, you level the ground, or you make a concrete base.

  • Lay the Mat and Build the Pool

When you are sure that the ground is suitable for installing your swimming pool, layout the groundsheet, whether it is puzzle or plain, in case your groundsheet is in the form of a puzzle, take the time to put the pieces together. You can then set up your pool according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then check that the carpet protects all the lower edges of the latter.

Make a test by filling your basin with water to a quarter, and then try to smooth the bottom of the pool by hand. Then you can fill the basin and balance the pH of the water.


  • Durability

Thick, dense accessories tend to be of better quality, especially if they have UV protection. In general, you can expect the cheaper rugs to last around 18 months if you use them heavily. The best models featured here will last longer if you are careful with folding and unfolding.