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How To Create An Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Imagine that your customers did not receive information about your product or service in a conventional, unidirectional, and many cases, intrusive way, but that they were the ones who wanted to know about you and your product. Well, that is what Inbound Marketing is, in making your clients or potential clients look for you, require your content, and be able to give you their contact details in exchange for knowing that content.

For the most purists, we will say that Inbound marketing agency Thailand is the technique by which customer acquisition occurs in a non-intrusive way, attracting them by generating valuable content that is interesting to them.

But like almost everything, it is better to make this process develop in an orderly way. And for this, nothing better than having a strategy.

Phases To Achieve An Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

Know Your Company

It is necessary to do a very exhaustive internal analysis, which includes our SWOTs as well as specific objectives.

Define Your Buyer Persona

By this, we refer to that potential client to whom we are going to direct our strategy. The more complete the profile of that individual, the easier it will be to develop the following phases and the more chances of success we will have.

The best way to define our buyer persona is to build a “person” as real as possible by answering questions such as name, age, sex, profession, place of residence, nationality, studies, personal and family situation, work, hobbies, and so many items as we want.

Get Contact Information

The next step will allow us to collect the fruits of our work as content generators. It is about getting information from all those visitors who have been attracted in one way or another to our content. If we manage to be attractive in this phase, building quality landing pages, we will have obtained an invaluable database for our commercial department.

Build Customer Loyalty

Finally, the most complicated part of the whole process remains, although it may not seem so at first glance. Once the customer is captured, we have to retain him, get him to return, that our content continues to be attractive to him, and, of course, that he purchases our product or service again.