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How to Book a Yacht in Dubai: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

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Dubai is one of the top cities in the world that offers a luxurious lifestyle, and what better way to enjoy it than by cruising around the breathtaking coastline and pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf on a yacht. With so many yacht rental options available in Dubai, it can be confusing and overwhelming to choose the best one that meets your needs. In this guide, we’ll help you navigate through the process of Yacht booking dubai, so you can sit back, relax and sail in style.

Determine the Type of Yacht You Want

Before you start searching for a yacht rental company, it’s important to determine the type of yacht you want. Do you want a small and intimate yacht for a romantic evening cruise or a large yacht for a corporate event or party? You also want to consider the amenities you need, such as a swimming platform, sound system, and catering options.

Research Yacht Rental Companies

Once you have an idea of the type of yacht you need, it’s time to research yacht rental companies in Dubai. Look for reputable and experienced yacht charter companies that offer a variety of yachts at different price points. You want to ensure that the company is licensed and insured, and the crew members are well-trained and experienced.

Compare Prices and Packages

After shortlisting a few yacht rental companies, compare their prices and packages. Some companies charge a flat rate per hour, while others offer packages that include food, drinks, and other amenities. Also, check if there are any hidden costs or extra charges for overtime, fuel, and cleaning fees.

Book in Advance

Yacht rentals are popular in Dubai, especially during the cooler months from October to April, and for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. To avoid disappointment, it’s recommended to book your yacht in advance, at least one or two weeks ahead of your desired date. This also allows you to choose the perfect yacht and customize your package based on your preferences.

Enjoy Your Yacht Experience

Now that you’ve booked your yacht rental in Dubai, it’s time to enjoy your sailing in style adventure. Make sure to arrive on time, bring sunscreen, camera, and other essentials, and follow the safety instructions given by the crew. Enjoy the views of Dubai’s iconic landmarks such as the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina, and indulge in the delicious food and beverages provided. Don’t forget to take plenty of photos and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Dubai is the perfect destination for yacht rental, and with this guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect yacht for your cruising experience. Take your time to research, compare, and book in advance, to ensure a hassle-free and unforgettable sailing adventure. Whether it’s a romantic evening, corporate event, or celebration with friends and family, a yacht rental in Dubai is the ultimate way to sail in style.