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Home interior decor tips on parallel kitchen layout

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A galley kitchen or parallel kitchen is a popular modular kitchen type designed for small spaces. It is narrow and long and features countertops on opposite walls of the kitchen. The centre of the kitchen is left empty for walking. On the third side, you can either create a wall and make it a dead-end or install a door so that people can pass through. 

In case you are thinking about redecorating your kitchen interiors, a parallel kitchen is certainly one of the best options you can choose. It will ensure that the space is functional and aesthetically appealing. Moreover, parallel kitchens are perfect for small apartments as they are a space-efficient option. However, you can consider this layout in a large kitchen as well. Here are a few tips you can follow to create a great parallel kitchen:

01 of 06 Make use of the windowsills 

One of the most crucial aspects of parallel kitchens is efficiency. You should come up with smart creative ideas to ensure free space does not go to waste. One such interior design kitchen idea involves making use of your window sills. 

All kitchens feature one window for ventilation and natural light. In most cases, the window area remains unused. Hence, you use the windowsills for keeping various items. It may seem very trivial, but the windowsills can actually make a huge difference in a small kitchen. You can use it to store items like a shelf. This will allow you to make more room on the countertops for prep work. However, you must be careful about the items you store there. This is because many things like ingredients can ruin if you expose them to sunlight for too long. 

02 of 06 Choose smart solutions for your breakfast bar

A breakfast bar is important in your kitchen. However, creating one in a small kitchen can be difficult. You may not have a lot of free space to move freely after adding. This does not mean you should skip the breakfast bar. Instead, you should look for space-efficient breakfast bars. For instance, you can turn a shelf into a breakfast bar for your kitchen. Since it is narrow, you will not have to worry about it occupying too much space. Similarly, a foldable furniture piece can be used. Many foldable tables are available in the market. You can pick any option for your kitchen idea that adds functionality and elevates aesthetic beauty. 

03 of 06 Make use of the cabinet tops 

As mentioned earlier, you must make use of space efficiently in a galley kitchen. Unfortunately, the tops of the cabinets are often ignored and left untouched. This is mostly because the items stored so high are not easily accessible. To avoid any issues because of this, experts suggest storing only those items on the cabinet tops that are seldom used in your kitchen. These can include various things like an extra-large wok, an extra set of spoons and spatulas, etc. Once you store them above the cabinets, a lot of free space in your cabinets will get free, which can be used for other purposes. 

04 of 06 Add as many storage racks as possible

If you have a small kitchen design but lots of items, you will have to create a lot of storage space. However, it is not possible to create cabinets and shelves for all your kitchen essentials. You will have to look for other storage solutions as well. A storage rack might be just the item you are looking for. They are small and can be placed almost anywhere. You can place them on the countertop for creating more storage.

05 of 06 Do not leave the wall space empty

You must not completely depend on cabinets and shelves to make use of your walls. There are many other options as well to make use of vertical space. As a result, your kitchen design appears more spacious. For instance, a modern magnetic knife rack that can be mounted on the wall is great for making use of walls. Similarly, you can find lots of other storage solutions for your walls. 

06 of 06 Create the work triangle

There are a few golden rules every interior designer follows while decorating. One of them is the work triangle in the kitchen. It dictates that the primary appliances should be positioned in a manner that when you join the three points, it forms a triangle. The logic behind this idea is that they should be positioned closer since you have to use them very frequently. As a result, you will be able to access them easily and finish your cooking faster. This will improve your cooking experience.