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Five cheapest places to purchase property on Isle of Wight

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5. Cowes

On the northern side of the Isle of Wight is the English seaport town of Cowes. This is where you will find the estuary of the River Medina and Cowes is located on the west bank of this estuary. On the east bank is the smaller town of East Cowes. These two towns are connected by the Cowes Floating Bridge. Approximately 12,000 people are now living in Cowes which was also the place where Queen Victoria used to stay. There was also a poem by Charles Godrey Leland which provided a vivid description of this beautiful region. Properties in the Isle of Wight can be purchased for approximately £60,000.

4. Sandown

The seaside resort of Sandown is located on the south-east coast of the Isle of Wight. It is very close to the settlement of Lake and also the resort of Shanklin. The combined population of Sandown and Shanklin is approximately 22,000 people. There is an extensive shoreline with beaches which stretches from Yaverland to Battery Gardens. Sandown has been growing substantially over many decades and there are many unique natural features in the surrounding area. A property in this beautiful town can cost approximately £55,000.

3. Bembridge

The village of Bembridge is situated on the easternmost point of the Isle of Wight. Approximately 4000 people live in this region and because of this there were some claims by people living here that Bembridge might well be the largest village in England. Whatever the case might be there can be no doubt that some of the wealthiest residents on the Isle of Wight are actually living in Bembridge. This affluent area can be found at the most eastern point of the Isle of Wight. On a very old map dating back to 1665 Bembridge is listed as Binbridge Iſle where it is also a separated from the rest of Wight by the River Yar. Properties can cost £48,000.

2. Rookley

Another of the villages on the Isle of Wight is Rookley which is not far from Newport which is more or less in the center of the island. At one time there used to be brickworks in the region but this has now been converted into a country park. There are two pubs in the region of which one is known as Chequers which is not far from the villages of Rookley. During the 18th century there was a lot of smuggling in this region. There is an excellent public transport system in the region which connects Ryde, Sandown, Shanklin, Ventnor, Newport and other villages. A property can cost approximately £45,000.

1. Shanklin

The seaside resort of Shanklin is located on the Isle of Wight more specifically on Sandown Bay. There are three settlements in the bay and of them Shanklin is the southernmost village. Shanklin is relatively close to Sandown and Lake. This is a very attractive town because of the wooded ravine, Shanklin Chine, Old Village and also the sandy beach. Along the beach is the beautiful esplande with all of its restaurants and hotels. This is also where the majority of tourists are mostly located. Properties can be purchased for £28,000.