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Experience HONOR MagicBook 15

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The HONOR MagicBook 15 is which many people are looking forward to. It is still a laptop computer with extremely high cost performance. In addition, the innovative design of drilling and cutting waist lines is integrated in the appearance design. This makes it more scientific and technological. This is one of its advantages. It still has many advantages waiting for the users to explore.

The Appearance is Newly Upgraded. The Sense of Science and Technology is Full.

In appearance, HONOR MagicBook 15 looks more fashionable. When the package was opened, what came into view was its “small blue edge”. Drilling and cutting process and two-color anodizing treatment are adopted on the four sides of the A side of the laptop. It presents a brand-new blue edge design. LOGO has been injected into the sky-like dark blue. HONOR MagicBook series, it is more beautiful. It is more in line with young people’s enthusiasm to publicize their personality and pursue trends.

The MagicBook 15 also made its body very thin, only 16.9 mm, by optimizing the three-dimensional stacked frame of the body. And the weight is only 1.53 KG, which is very light in hand. It is very suitable for commuting and business travel.

Strong Performance, Upgrade Again

HONOR MagicBook 15 has AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor. Coupled with high-performance discrete graphics cards, the stable operation of the computer can be fully guaranteed. It also adds DDR4 dual-channel memory design. The design of this dual-channel memory makes its running and processing speed improved. In this way, people who use large-scale office software will have a better operation.

In addition, this processor has a better energy consumption ratio. It can help laptop to obtain longer endurance. For example, if you are bored on a business trip and take a bus, you can use it to watch videos. After playing TV series for 9 hours, there is enough electricity and the endurance is strong.

Fast Charging, Easy to Play with Multi-Screen Coordination

We have never thought that the charging line of the computer can be the same as that of the mobile phone. But the HONOR MagicBook 15 realized this aim. The computer be charged quickly. The mobile phone can be charged quick. It is convenient.

For convenience, there is mention of its new multi-screen collaboration function. The transmission of files and pictures can be finished with a touch. It is easy to realize the operation of computer-controlled mobile phone pages. It is more convenient and efficient when doing mobile office.

Humanized Design, Simple Operation

Although in the current market, various brands of laptop computers emerge one after another and have different performances. HONOR MagicBook 15 is different from other laptops.  It considers more humanized office concepts. The hidden camera design and fingerprint power key designed are humanized. We can protect our privacy. It is easier and faster for us to use computers.


You can choose this HONOR product with beauty and high performance when buy PC computers in UK. Your life will be more wonderful and convenient.