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Does CBD Have Any Effect on Our Appetite?

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How much food you want to take is an individual choice because the quantity of food you can eat will depend on many different factors like:

  • Environmental
  • Mental
  • Genetic
  • Physical attributes

However, having a healthy appetite will be very important for an individual’s long-term health. There the question arises, whether CBD use can influence our appetite?

We need to look into it in greater detail to understand more about the role played by CBD so that you know whether it can affect our appetite. However, before we proceed further in this matter we must first clearly understand the difference between appetite and hunger.

  1. Appetite

You can express it as your desire to eat. If a person becomes hungry, then he will need food that is a certain situation that you cannot avoid. Appetite defines the kind of food that a person will find appealing, and also the time when it will be appealing to them for eating it.

  1. Hunger

Hunger can be defined as our absolute need for eating. It is related to our survival mechanism that can help to fuel our body so that it remains in optimal condition. We can say, hunger is a kind of feeling that is initiated by our body to fuel it.

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Can CBD increase our appetite?

Although marijuana can affect our eating intake and habits, however, we will talk about CBD that is extracted from hemp. CBD as you know can bind to our cannabinoid receptors that can also boost the efficiency of our endocannabinoid system.

The cannabinoid system within us is a very huge network that maintains our body homeostasis and influences various body functions including appetite.

The ability of CBD to stimulate appetite will come from its impact on the serotonin receptors that play a major role in our digestion and appetite. As per research, CBD may help to increase our appetite by dropping the stomach upset symptom instead of influencing the hunger feeling directly.

However another study says that CBD can weaken the THC’s munchies-inducing effects if it is taken in sufficient amounts beforehand. So, we may conclude that CBD may not increase appetite, that THC can do rather decreases it, and hence people use CBD for reducing weight.

Can you include CBD in our meal or drink?

You can surely include CBD in our meals and drinks and many people consume CBD in this manner only.  Some eateries and restaurants have started selling dishes and beverages with a certain new twist in the UK. However, in the USA,  the FDA still has not permitted to sell CBD in restaurants or to add in any consumable items.

You must avoid heating CBD, particularly in your meals. You must add CBD as the final recipe. That means that you must sprinkle CBD powder into your prepared drink or meal while serving. You may also add CBD to your daily drinks like tea, coffee, green tea, soups, matcha, and smoothies.