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CV is the first thing that recruiter sees:

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Everybody understands the meaning of the first impression is the last impression. And, for a person who is going for the interview, this is it. Because they know right from the point when they will get into the room people will start judging them. And, after handing the CV it will be the first impression that creates on the mind of the interviewer. A strong CV speaks differently about the candidate. It has some weightage in it whereas a normal CV just explains the details about the candidate. Don’t be such a person who just gets a normal CV and went for the interview.

There are a lot of ways that can increase the weightage of the CV. It is mainly about decorating the words and someone can do that then it is awesome. Try to find ways to make the CV attractive. Only then there will be an everlasting first impression that will be made on the interviewer.

Take the help of professionals

There are a lot of professionals out there who can help. They can be easily found on any freelancing site. People just need to reach out to them. And, they will do the work. Many people have expertise in making cv [pembuatan cv, which is the term in Indonesian]. And, one can easily find the works that they did before. Just hire them and get the result. A person will get the best CV that will create an impression on the interviewers.

Try to negotiate with the price

Before giving work to any person always see the previous work done by that person. If that person performed well in their last work then hire them. Also, don’t forget to discuss the price in the first place. And, always try to negotiate with the price if it is possible. So, that one can save some money.