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Clarify the Doubts Before Planning the japan family tours

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Japan offers a rare experience of spending a long time in a country where you will find the right combination of modern-day technology and heritage customs and traditions. The awe-inspiring landscapes and the good food make the place ideal for taking your family for a vacation. But there will be a few doubts to clarify before you can proceed with the japan family tourslike how many days to spend at particular places or whether it will be safe to travel with children t certain destinations. 

Duration of stay

The Big Two of Japan will occupy the maximum part of the tour itinerary. Tokyo and Kyoto definitely offer you the best experience of traditional and modern Japan. You should try to spend at least three nights in both the cities t enjoy the Kawaii culture of Harajuku or the archaic atmosphere of Asakusa. Visit the robot restaurant to witness the incredible applications of technology. While in Kyoto, you should not miss the Kiyomizu-Dera temple along with the Fushimi Inari shrine. Go shopping at the Nishiki Market and take the train to Arashiyama, the home to the monkey park and impressive bamboo groves. You can opt to stay like the feudal lords in Kyoto at the townhouses. 

Hiroshima- the history stands

Feeling the goosebumps standing at the Peace Memorial Museum of Hiroshima is a lifetime experience. If your kids are old enough to know what happened in Hiroshima, the floating red torii gate of Miyajima is an iconic site. Staying at a ryokan will be the most exciting part of the tour. The children will love spending a night at some inn where you have got the paper walls, and you need to follow the strict rules. You have to pile up with the whole family on the futons on the floor. The children have a novelty padding surrounding the tatami-mat rooms of yukata.