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Churches, Famous Lanes, Boats: All that Malta Will Gift You

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Malta is a captivating and vibrant archipelago that is one of Europe’s most attractive locations, with many activities and great cultural sites. Here are some must-do activities during your visit.

Mosta Church Visit

Visit the Mosta Church and marvel at one of the world’s biggest domes. Mosta is well-known for the Rotunda of Sainte-Marie, which has one of the world’s biggest domes. During the Second World War, a bomb penetrated this one, almost destroying the cathedral. Although the bomb did not detonate, a copy of it is on display in the museum as a memorial to that day.

Take A Stroll

Take a stroll around Marsaxlokk, a traditional fishing town. On Sunday and Tuesday mornings, you may walk through the centre of Marsaxlokk’s massive market, which sells fruits, vegetables, Maltese specialities, clothing, shoes, and, most importantly, fresh fish.

More Information in Discovering

Visit the Hagar Qim Temples, a Neolithic monument that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Come and explore this location rich in history, known since the 17th century, in the south of Malta, near the town of Qrendi.

Consider the breathtaking view from the Upper Barraka gardens. These lovely gardens, which were formerly used to entertain knights, were opened to the public in 1800. They will provide you with a spectacular perspective of the Grand Harbor.

The Saint-Jean de la Valette Co-Cathedral is rich in architectural and historical significance. The Knights of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem built this Catholic cathedral between 1573 and 1577, and it will captivate you as much for its architecture as for its history.

More Discoveries in Practice

In 2021, visit Valletta, Malta’s capital and a centre of European culture. Visit the Three Cities and cross the Grand Harbor by taxi boat. In the Pacevilleneighbourhood, you may dance until the sun comes up. GhajnTuffieha Bay is a great place to unwind on the beach. On this lovely sandy beach in Malta’s northwestern corner, you will discover peace and quiet. Try the traditional Maltese meal “fenkata.” The “fenkata,” a succulent rabbit stew with herbs and garlic, is a meal that must be tried. Enjoy the tranquilly of Mdina, Malta’s former capital.

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Craftsmen’s skill may be discovered by you also

This may be seen in the Maltese settlements of Ta’Qali and Gozo’s San Lawrenz. Enjoy the serenity of Comino in the springtime, as well as the allure of its turquoise lagoon. Enjoy the lovely Sliema and San Julian’s patios. Consider the beautiful scenery of Wiedil-Mielah, Gozo’s second natural arch, to comfort yourself when the spectacular Azure Window vanished in early 2017. Purchase a ticket to a concert at Valletta’s TeatruManoel. The Maonel Theater, which dates from the 18th century, is one of Europe’s oldest theatres. On the “TeatruManoel” website, you can see the 2016 calendar of forthcoming events and performances.