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Canadian Cable Manufacturer

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Canadian Cable Manufacturer

Sycor Technology has been providing Canadians and an international clientele with high-quality cables and wires since 1981, working out of a 40,000-square foot facility located in Mississauga, Ontario. It offers an extensive inventory of well-maintained cables and wires, which are produced in a fraction of the time that it takes its competitors.

Annual Purchase Orders

Many of this cable manufacturer’s customers decide to place 12-month blanket purchase orders so that their annual needs are met without needing to engage in a number of separate orders. Those who do so also get to enjoy having their products stored in Sycor’s warehouse until they are needed, and, when they are, they can often arrive via expedited delivery. All of these benefits provide clients with a considerable amount of flexibility.

Cables and Wires for Automation

Sycor provides cables and wires that meet the needs of various types of machinery. One that is being relied on more and more is robotic automation. Some of the demands that these devices have are the requiring of cables and wires that can handle stressful factory conditions and repeated, continuous and identical movements. Impressively, some of Sycor’s high-quality cables and wires have been used in robotic automation systems that are part of communication satellites.