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Lately I spent a while talking to a buddy who’s a middle manager for any medium size Volkswagen Passat Personal Lease dealership. It found attention through our conversation that some dynamics within his dealership aren’t working how they should which continues to be stifling the productivity. As an example the sales agents bring him deals where the documents isn’t completed or even the needed information for example driver license are missing in the file.

I requested the issue, “Who makes them people accountable”? Well the surprising factor is the fact that like the majority of dealerships, the managers are extremely busy they haven’t any accountability measures in position to combat this persistent problem. Normally the managers are extremely busy creating fires because of the very products that need accountability measures to begin with.

Our conversation gradually gravitated for the service department and dedicated to how that department cannot meet the requirements from the sales department. Used and new vehicle inspections are now being neglected and aren’t made to become a priority. This kind of damaging scenario should be stopped at the same time in the management team like a collective before continuing to move forward inside a positive productive way. Thinking about the sales department may be the service department’s best customer and also the prospective customers attempting to buy a vehicle would be the bread and butter of everyone employed in the dealership, what you know already the problems could be resolved immediately.

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I requested the issue, why were exactly the same issues repetitive and why did they revisit month-after-month consistently plaguing this dealership. The solution I received shocked me. The senior management were built with a meeting and tabled products such as the ones outlined above including other conditions like the low CSI and parts obsolescence issues. Regrettably a few of the middle managers pointed fingers but did not roll-up their sleeves and discover WHY certain issues were happening. It so happens these middle managers also aren’t attributed to some sufficient standard to carry the workers beneath these to sense at all of standards, too the center managers aren’t empowered to create accountability strategy decisions.

I really think that every item we discussed your evening could be fixed in the bi weekly period when the upper management would first contain the middle managers accountable by providing a rigid outline of the items must be done WITHIN WHAT time period. Second step is to own senior managers the empowerment required to hold their subordinates accountable within the same fashion. Regrettably the very best management only at that dealership makes all decisions and all sorts of accountability rests within that position, there is little change until this specific manager provides a degree of of control towards the middle managers.