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Why should you get a good quality pressed powder?

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Taking care of the facial skin and doing the makeup of the face has always remained one of the most basic things that women have taken care of. But there is a downside that can no longer be avoided. That is the beauty products if not of good quality may sometimes cause different skin problems for the skin. If you take the example of one of the most basic yet important aspects of makeup, that is pressed powder. Pressed powder otherwise known as the foundation powder makes the very base of every makeup. Thus it is the first layer of beauty product that remains in touch with skin for the longest period of time. Thus you always need to have a good quality pressed powder kept at your disposal.

What things did you need to keep in mind when you buy pressed powder?

Though it is important to have a good quality of pressed powder with you in person at every time, it is still not clear to some customers as to what makes up a good pressed powder in the first place. The pressed powder needs to be water-resistant so that it does not get washed away if you sweat. The pressed powder needs to be smudge-proof as well. The pressed powder needs to be light on the skin. The powder also needs to be side effect free. The powder needs to be clinically tested so that it does not create any allergic reaction to any skin types. Lastly the foundation also needs to be in the range of the customers that is to say the price should be on the lower level.

Which pressed powder to buy in Thailand?

Now that you know what constitutes a good quality pressed powder it is time you know where to find one in Thailand. In Thailand, there are only a handful of brands available that provide you with a good quality pressed powder. And among those the best one is Shiseido pressed powder (แป้ง พัฟ shiseido , which is the term in Thai). Their products are now available online as well on beautrium. To buy the product online and to get a huge discount as well, kindly visit the official website of beautrium.