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Things one should try when visiting Koh Samet 

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The nearest hotel island to Bangkok is Koh Samet, which is about 160 kilometers away. The weather here is always moderate and pleasant for tourists to visit and spend their vacations. Snorkeling, waterski, and Bangkok fishing tour are some of the water sports to get your hands on. The appealing scenery of the beaches situated on the northeast side of Koh Samet makes it the most popular place to visit. 

There are few more activities one should try when visiting Koh Samet, such as.

Visit the statue of Prince and Mermaid – This statue of prince and mermaid stands at the southern portion of Hat Sai Keo to memorialize the incredible Thai poetry, “Phra Aphai Mani”. It is popular among the locals of Koh Samet. the people worship this statue as it has its own significant values and beliefs. Its importance attracts tourists to come and visit it once in their lifetime. 

Visit Ao Phrao – Ao Phrao, located in the western part of Koh Samet, is a very serene scant lagoon. It’s the ideal place to enjoy the sunset and have drinks in the evenings with your friends and family with serene, classic music. It is one of the isolated dreamy beaches in the country. It is a must-visit beach for new married couples to spend some quality time. 

 Night fishing – it is another water sport that is a must-try when visiting Koh Samet near Bangkok. Night fishing and diving are popular sports among all the tourists. Night fishing of squid fish is the most common in Koh Samet. A few headlamps are normally mounted on the fishing boat, and a specific luminescent prey is also used. You can use the fish to make a sumptuous barbecue grill meal.

Famous cuisines – Koh Samet is a perfect party place beach. Here all the kinds of dishes are available as per tourist’s choice, and one can take a full feel of dream city having grilled seafood barbecue and drinks to refresh themselves.