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Stone Restoration Vs Cleaning And Sealing – Complete Overview

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Well, we all know the luster of high-end stones such as granite, marble, etc. From sourcing out the prime quality stone to installing it, the never-ending process of maintenance is something that is part of the package when you choose to adorn your home with lustrous stones and marbles. Isn’t it very obvious that even the high-quality things do need maintenance after a point of time?

Keeping your maintenance checklist in place will not only make sure that the product lasts longer but also makes sure that it improves its performance and maintains its quality over the period of time. In this article, we will try to shed light on the maintenance of stones.

We will talk about the differences between stone restoration and maintenance processes such as cleaning and sealing. Let’s move ahead, and keep reading.

· Stone Restoration

First of all, let’s understand the basic concept of stone restoration. In general terms, it means to revive your stone in its original form.  Stone restoration is a skillful combination of art and science that aims to restore worn stones such as marble, granite, travertine, etc. in their original form or say the state in which it was installed.

The process of stone restoration may also focus on the alteration of the stone’s surface according to the demands of the client. One important thing you need to know about the stone restoration process is it has to be only done by a professional stone restoration company, make sure you don’t hire an unskilled individual for stone restoration. The task of stone restoration is something that can be pulled off by a janitorial or a maintenance company.

The process of stone restoration is complex and needs to be done by a professional. So, what does stone restoration involve? The first and foremost process is diamond grinding. Diamond grinding is the process of mechanical abrasion that aims to remove scratches or any sort of damage to the surface of the stone. Another important technique in the process of stone restoration is the Flame technique.

·       Cleaning And Sealing

Well, the process of cleaning and sealing comes under the horizons of both, stone care and stone restoration. Let’s first understand the process of cleaning. As the name suggests, the process of cleaning involves the actual cleaning, in the cleaning process, stains, dirt and bacteria are removed from the stone.

And on the other hand, the sealing process is the means of protecting and preserving the natural stone. The whole process of sealing involves the use of penetrators and impregnators. The process of cleaning and dealing are basic, these processes can be done by a general worker dealing with the stone installation.

Final Overview

Talking about stone restoration vs cleaning and sealing, of course, the stone restoration is the one to win, with no second thoughts. If your stone or stone surfaces are damaged, we will recommend you to seek the help of any skilled professional or appoint the stone restoration company to get the task of stone restoration done. And if the work is minor, the sealing or cleaning process may work.