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Faith Based Recovery Program – The Ray Of Hope.

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It is often seen that loneliness is a common factor in people who are addicted to recreational drugs. The urge to escape reality is what makes them, even more, dependent on it. Their lack of trust and belief sometimes makes it impossible for them to get back on their feet. A faith based recovery program is specially designed for these individuals to guide them to the path of happiness.

When all other methods fail, faith stands as the last pillar of hope. A faith based recovery program helps you treat the participant’s soul. Addiction can take away a lot of things from a person’s life. It can ruin his relationships, his career, and most importantly it can ruin the essence of his soul. Hence, recovery from such a blow requires some faith, belief, and confidence, which they get from these programs.

Characteristics of a faith based recovery program –

  • A faith based recovery program follows the Christian approach to treating addiction. The biblical narratives are taken and then used as a guide to help their patients. This can help the affected by giving them a sense of assurance that everything will be alright.
  • Spiritual leaders, and clinicians who are experienced in treating people, help the participants get back on their feet. They can perform clinically proven psychotherapy sessions which is a way to treat mental health.
  • A faith based recovery program is actually a very good combination of three very important factors. It consists of traditional counseling, therapy sessions, and a twelve-step program that is specially designed to treat and help get rid of addiction.

Addiction is like slow poisoning. When it starts it shows no such symptoms or neither the person can feel any difference. Then slowly and steadily it poisons the mind of the person. It makes them isolate themselves and indulge only in activities that include getting high. This isolation makes everything even more painful.

The isolation literally makes it impossible for the addict to seek out help from their friends or family. Social anxiety and depression sip in. Even if the addict seems okay, the neurological side effects of recreational drugs make it impossible for them to be happy.

Then comes the physical effects of being an addict. It makes the person lose their health bit by bit. Maintaining a good diet along with a routine is the key to having good health. However, it is nearly impossible for an addict to make sure of these things. Their most waking hours go into thinking about how to get the drugs and where to abuse them.

Anyone who faces this situation is very unfortunate. However, it is not the end of the world. The very concept of faith or God is that you are not alone. So even when it feels like there is no one for you it is not true. A faith based recovery program tries to convey this message to their patients, to make them understand that they are never alone and that someone is always there to help them and listen to them.