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COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit Legitimacy and Where to Buy Online

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As COVID-19 continues to bring havoc to the world population and create an impact on public health, manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies around the globe are tirelessly developing new products to combat the virus. Likewise, many Australians are looking for ways to protect themselves from the rising cases of COVID-19 cases. People are also turning to the Internet to look for an antigen rapid test for sale.

Currently, the most effective prevention of contracting the virus is through vaccines and boosters. However, even the vaccinated individuals are still vulnerable to the highly contagious new omicron variant. With this, experts see testing as one crucial strategy to reduce transmission and ultimately stop the spread. Testing also determines which individuals are infected, and in the effort to contain the virus, it will save lives.

One of the benefits of using antigen test kits is that it yields rapid results. You can already get your result within 15-30 minutes. Antigen tests specifically detect the virus via nasal swabs. The test kits are best taken if you have symptoms of COVID-19, are exposed to individuals infected by the virus or are planning to attend a family gathering or any activity.

Is Your COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit Legitimate?

Thankfully,  there are now numerous COVID testing options that are available, including over the counter kits. This easy access allows you to perform the test in the comfort of your own home. Besides, it automatically leads to quick identification of cases, so infected individuals can immediately get isolated and treated.

The demand for Covid-19 home tests has grown, and the market is full of different brands with high claims. Sadly, a lot of brands even take advantage by selling fraudulent products online.

Although the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is laboriously working with suppliers to make the test kits available to the public, online buying can become an issue if you don’t know what you are looking for. If you have been taking the antigen test, how reliable is your brand? Or do you worry if you are buying a fake one?

Here are some ways you can ensure you are buying the authorised and legitimate antigen test kits.

1. Do Your Research

The use of rapid testing is an effective alternative solution to diagnose COVID-19 outside the healthcare setting. Many individuals now turn to this alternative method to protect themselves and their loved ones, but getting the right product is not easy.

As a consumer, you have to do your research for quality, safe and trusted products whether you are buying online or from over the counter. There are several options to choose from, including the level of positive per cent agreement (PPA).

PPA is the percentage of individuals that produced a positive result using the rapid testing kit. The TGA has established a standard clinical sensitivity of 80% labelled as acceptable sensitivity. There are also kits with 90% PPA labelled as high sensitivity and 95% PPA identified as high sensitivity.

With these varying degrees of clinical sensitivity, you can choose the product that you want to use. As long as it is recommended by the TGA, you have the confidence that you are using a quality testing kit.

2. Check the authorised list from the TGA

TGA has released a list of approved COVID-19 antigen rapid test kits that are available for public use. Also, the TGA has standard criteria based on the studies and performance of the manufacturers’ testing kits.

Hence, every consumer should check the list approved for home use before buying. Doing so will help you prevent the spread of the virus and let you get the real value of your money.

3. Pay With Credit Card

One of the ways to dispute a charge if the product was never received or one that is defective and substandard is by using your credit card for payment.

4. Check for Reviews About the Product

Checking for reviews is essential in choosing the right antigen test. Obviously, good reviews show credibility and quality. It also means that the COVID-19 test kit you are choosing is trusted by many customers.

Where Can You Buy Covid-19 Antigen Test Kit?

Now that people are beginning to normalise their way of life by travelling, going to school, getting back to work and socialising, regular rapid antigen home tests are already a necessity. However, if you want to purchase quality kits, you have to choose brands that are clinically tested and approved.

Are you unsure of your COVID-19 test kit? Do not compromise your health and your family’s. Choose products that are proven and tested by health practitioners.

If you are not sure where to buy, Dexcon Global is an authorised distributor of antigen rapid test brands that are tested and approved by the TGA. Their rapid test kits include Australian-made InnoScreen Covid 19 Antigen Rapid Test Device and ALL TEST Nasal and Saliva COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Devices-Self Test. As they intend to meet consumer needs and demands, they are also adding Realy Tech Antigen Rapid Test Kits (Nasal Swab) – Self Test on their COVID-19 test kit products.

Dexcon Global is a premier supplier of medical supplies & equipment solutions, as well as a leading consulting and procurement company. They want to deliver the best products to their clients and customers, so they only partner with trusted manufacturers.