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Automotive – Paper Versus K&N Hvac Filters

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Most automobile proprietors know that a filter can be used to capture and take away the dirty air particles in the outdoors air leading in to the engine combustion compartments. Within the vehicles nowadays you’ve two generally differing types that are used, paper along with a K&N filter.

The paper filter is simply that, a filter that’s made from paper products (in many cars). The K&N filter consists of a mesh having a cotton filter medium and coated with light oil to assist in the capture from the dirt particles. Both products work great when utilized in the correct context that they’re designed.

The Issue

Paper filters are made to capture the dirt with the paper and could be plugged fairly rapidly. You should look at your air conditioning filter a minimum of every 10,000 miles approximately. If this becomes dirty you simply change it with a brand new one.

K&N filters are made to capture the dirt as being a paper filter but don’t become plugged as rapidly. Once they do, you simply take them off, wash them out after some water and soap, spread on the light oil and re-install. However , the oil can cause issues in the newer cars today due to sensors placed between your filter and air intake. When the filter has an excessive amount of oil applied it jump on the sensor, causing your engine light in the future on. For most of us this really is a visit to the automobile auto technician to identify the issue.


Should you vehicle is really a newer 90s or later, stick with the manufactures kind of filter unless of course you’re a backyard auto technician that actually knows what he/she’s doing. If you work with a K&N filter, don’t over oil the filter and make certain to get rid of any excess.


I’m certainly one of individuals backyard mechanics that thought I understood things i was doing. About 6 several weeks ago I place a K&N filter within my Izusu Rodeo (my wife’s vehicle) to save cash on the price of the paper filters. This a week ago my check engine came on and also the reason, you suspected it the oil from my air conditioning filter plugged the sensor entering the engines intake.

I’ve always used K&N filters on my small vehicles to assist in the ventilation towards the engine and also over the lengthy haul reduce air conditioning filter costs. Following the visit to the car dealer to discover what caused the engine light in the future on and as being a little embarrassed, I simply returned to paper around the Rodeo. I still use ” floating ” fibrous filters on my small truck, motorcycles, and dune buggy.