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3 Wood Paints by Asian Paints that You Must Check Out in 2022 

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Wood painting is picking up steam and we couldn’t be more delighted about it. Instead of throwing out worn-out furniture, people today are interested in indulging in a DIY wood painting session and giving their old furniture a new look. Whether you have distressed furniture or shiny ones, there is a wood paint out there that is perfect for your wooden surface. 

Clueless about wood painting services and different types of wood paints? Read along to know more about wood painting and which wood paints you must watch out for in 2022. 

What to keep in mind while choosing a wood paint?

  • You must understand the surface you wish to paint so that you can pick a perfect wood paint. Some common surfaces that can be painted with a wood paint are distressed furnishing, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, cabinets in a dry area, wooden floors and ornate trim. 
  • Finalise the sheen you want. Do you want to go for a matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss or high-gloss finish? 
  • Decide on the type of wood paint you want to go for. Acrylic, oil and alkyd are some common types of wood paints that are perfect for home furniture. 
  • Know what you are looking for. Before you hire a wood painter, you must know whether you want transparent or opaque wood paint, how much you are ready to spend, whether are you painting indoor or outdoor wooden furniture and what elements your furniture needs protection from. 

Top wood paints by Asian Paints 

Are you overwhelmed with the plethora of wood paints available in the market today? Fret not, we have brought to you three exciting wood paint options by Asian Paints which you can buy in 2022. 

WoodTech Insignia

If you are looking for a high-quality international product that will transform the look and feel of your wooden furniture, then this is a perfect fit for you. This wood paint is a polyurethane-based texture coating, which is easy to apply and gives you a smooth finish. People who are looking for wood paint that offers a wide scope for customisation must give this paint a try. With more than 450 shade options available, WoodTech Insignia gives you the freedom to choose a hue that perfectly matches the original colour of your wooden surface. 

WoodTech Polyester Gold

Do you like your wooden furniture to be shiny? WoodTech Polyester Gold is highly recommended to people who want their wood surface to have a mirror-like sheen. WoodTech Polyester Gold is a paraffined-based clear coating, which offers a highly glossy sheen to your furniture. This wood paint has an impressive hardness to it and offers long-lasting durability. So, if you want a wood paint that will stand the test of time and which won’t chip off easily, you can consider this wood paint. This wood paint is ideal for surfaces which see high traffic as it will ensure that they don’t wear out for many years to come. 

WoodTech Emporio Regal PU Clear

Are you looking for an all-rounder wood paint that is highly resistant to stains, scratches, water and extreme weather conditions? WoodTech Emporio Regal PU Clear is your best bet as it boasts of being resistant to all the above-mentioned factors that affect wooden surfaces. It is an acrylic-based clear coating which is a hit amongst homeowners who are looking for wood paint which will stand the test of time. 


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